Arriving in Thailand

We’ve finally set off! After a last minute outfit change from Michael who leaned against a wet window ledge, we were set!


First we took a flight 7 hour flight from Dublin to the very extravagant Dubai for a 3 hour stop over and then onward to Bangkok. The first flight went very smoothly, we managed to get seats with an extra bit of leg room which made the flight very comfy, not as comfy as these premium seats we walked by though!


The second flight was a 6 hour flight from Dubai to Bangkok on a double decker A380, our seats were near the front with little room to even wiggle toes! With no chance of getting some sleep, I resorted to watching pocahontas for in flight entertainment (choices weren’t the best). It seemed like an extra long flight before we got to Bangkok, but thankfully, we landed safely. When we got off the plane we were greeted by a film crew who are making a documentary about Bangkok airport. They did a quick interview with us and then they put mics on us and followed us through the process of locating bags and finding our way to our accommodation. At that stage, we traveled about 15 hours with about 3 hours sleep, god only knows what we said! Eventually, we found our shuttle bus to our airport accommodation to the night and made it to Floral Shire Hotel and packed it in for the evening.

WP_20140221_009 WP_20140221_012

The next morning, we headed to Chaing Mai, north Thailand, the last bit of travelling before we could start exploring Thailand. We headed to Suvarnabhumi Airport airport where we got a free shuttle bus to the smaller  Don Muang airport, this is where we found Nemo, our plane to Chaing Mai.


Although it was only a 1 hour flight to Chiang Mai, it was also the most nerve racking. Its hard to trust a plane that looks like a fish from a childrens cartoon!

When we reached Chaing Mai airport, we got a taxi to the Aoi garden hostel, so let the adventures in Chaing Mai begin! :)


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