We are coming to the last few days in Thailand and spending our time in Kanchanaburi. We are staying in the sugarcane guesthouse and have a bamboo hut overlooking the river kwai, it is very peaceful with just the sound of the neighbors rooster and some rumblings of thunder.

Our time in Thailand has been fantastic, the food is mouth watering and the people are so kind and friendly For example, today Mike and I were doing our laundry in some coin washing machines and were sitting on a bench reading our books while we waited for them to finish. I decided to lie down and stretch out on my back while I read and before I knew it, the woman from the shop next door ran over with a bucket and said “one moment, one moment”, went back to her shop and came out with a pillow which she put on top of the bucket to rest my head on, I thanked her and said that there was no need at all and she just smiled and went back to cutting her vegetables. This is just one small example of the many acts of random kindness we’ve experienced from the Thai people.

During our time in Thailand we have visited the following places:



Chiang Mai


Liked: Endless amount of activities to do, the night market, our accommodation at Aoi Garden Hostel, Nightlife, Cheap food.

Disliked: Nothing, Chiang Mai is beautiful.





Liked: The UNESCO world heritage site, cheap bike rentals

Disliked: Expensive food, very quiet town, not much to do Sukhothai, one night is plenty.





Liked: Nothing. (but we only passed through…)

Disliked: Con artists, cowboys, riots and a woman pooping on a main street!





Liked: Cheap food, our accommodation at JP mansion, shopping mall, the relaxed cozy town atmosphere.

Disliked: Nothing, Krabi is a great town to stay in and relax for a while on the to/from the islands.



Khao Lak


Liked: The beach, cocktails, air conditioned rooms.

Disliked: It is a tourist area and therefore a lot more expensive than the rest of Thailand.


Koh Lanta


Liked: beaches, friendly locals, cheap accommodation, nice bars on Long Beach with fire shows.

Disliked: Ban saladan as the beach wasn’t as nice as Long beach and everything was closed after 10pm, lots of family’s with very young children around.





Liked: The main street has lots of nice bars, locals are very friendly, accommodation in sugarcane guesthouse on the river kwai, beautiful waterfalls and the bridge over the river kwai. This was the cheapest town we stayed in overall in Thailand and definitely our favorites after Chaing Mai

Disliked: Nothing.

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